Just a reminder that we’ve having a strategy meeting on the baseball stadium issue.  After a brief overview, we’ll be discussing how to stop legislators from giving money to build the new baseball stadiums need by privately owned teams to satisfy the contracts they signed with MLB back in 2021 plus money to the Volcanoes.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the meeting Tuesday, January 30th from 7:00-7:45 pm, sign up here.

We just learned today that the teams’ lobbyists are circulating a letter amongst legislators asking them to sign on to giving baseball teams $27 million for stadiums in Hillsboro, Salem and Eugene. First it was $22.5 million, then $25 million, now it’s $27 million.

The Washington County Commissioners are discussing tomorrow morning whether they should provide $8 million in funding for the Hops’ stadium.  Their discussion is about whether to put it on their agenda for a later meeting. But it will be a real decision point.

We’ve not heard of any of the teams seeking additional owners to help bear the cost of the decisions they’ve made to promise MLB they’d get lovely, new stadiums.  Nor have the billionaire owners of MLB promised to help cover the cost.  After all, why not get the public to cover their commitments?

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