TFO’s steering committee has been following the legislature’s consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Joint Special Committee On Coronavirus Response is examining options, some of which will be funded by Congress. Committee members are discussing how they can help those whose jobs have disappeared and whose businesses have shuttered. On Friday the committee reviewed everything from housing and utility supports to unemployment insurance, paid sick leave policies and the health care system needs. Monday at 9:00 am they’ll begin consideration of short-term employer supports. You can watch along with us here. Committee action may come at the end of the month, after which the legislature may be called into session.

Following the business lobby’s request that the government delay the Commercial Activities Tax and enact tax credits and other revenue cuts, we wrote the committee. We agree that Oregonians will need help, but draining the funding for that help is foolhardy.

Working in coalition with other organizations, we’ve signed on to a letter that will be sent to the committee Monday.