Tax Fairness Oregon is a group of individuals committed to putting democratic principles into action. Our primary interest is the link between tax policy and public good, whether related to education, human services, natural resources or economic development. The core group includes people with a wide variety of professional experiences—everything from K-20 classrooms to corporate boardrooms, from county offices to federal agencies, from entrepreneurs’ offices to artists’ studios. Collectively we are dedicated Oregon citizens willing to learn from each other, to research the multiple sides of issues and to thoughtfully teach each other about our perspectives on current issues. 

We communicate with, and actively participate in, a variety of advocacy coalitions (e.g. League of Women Voters; Revenue Coalition; Human Services Coalition) and although we offer researched perspectives and provide leadership, we purposefully guard our independence. When we meet with legislators or testify in legislative hearings, we offer information based on a key principle:  In what way will this decision support the common good of the citizens of Oregon?.